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Till It stops beating

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Till It Stops Beating is the recipient of The Silver Award from Literary Titan.

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"Hannah Goodman masterfully renders a tender, heartwarming tale of first love, first loss, and jelly doughnuts." -Heather Christie, Amazon Bestselling author of What the Valley Knows

"Believable and honestly rendered." -David Yoo, author of The Choke Artist 

 “Hannah Goodman’s writing is insightful, laugh-out-loud funny, and tender.” –Kristen Tsetsi, The Age of the Child

"When the last page is turned, readers will find themselves hopeful for the future even as they reach for their box of tissues." -K.C. Karr, YA author

Till It Stops Beating is available on Amazon!
Till It Stops Beating is available on Amazon!

The Maddie Chronicles ebook boxed set

The Maddie Chronicles ebook boxed set available  in the Kindle store.

5 STAR review

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

The Maddie Chronicles is a boxed set of young adult modern adventures penned by author Hannah R. Goodman, and contains the stories: My Sister’s Wedding, My Summer Vacation, and Fear of Falling. In preparation for the fourth book in the series, readers can engage in the initially not-so-exciting life of self-help addict Maddie Hickman. Maddie is an insecure girl, typically struggling her way through high school and trying to use other people’s guidance to get through it and reach adulthood somewhat sane. The other people in her life, however, and the misguided decisions she makes will teach her many lessons about herself, and what it really means to be an adult, along the way.

Maddie Hickman is very much the Bridget Jones of her generation, and I enjoyed this charming collection of realistic, yet teen-exaggerated dramas. The individual volumes are quite short, digestible stories suitable for young YA readers and beyond, and the experience of the three-book set makes for a strong emotional rollercoaster with Maddie, allowing us to really get to know her, her family and her school friends. The dialogue is clear but fresh, free of clichés and tropes, and the plot has some satisfying turns and some really unpredictable ones which cause sudden drama that’s very entertaining. Overall, I’d say The Maddie Chronicles is an excellent collection to dive into for a hefty dose of coming of age drama, and I’d be really excited to see what author Hannah R. Goodman brings to the future of the series.

Past Works

my sister's wedding


"Hannah has captured the inside world of teenagers in a unique voice. Her main character Maddie is vibrant and lively."  - Janell M. Ramos

my summer vacation


"What I enjoy most about Goodman's book are its honesty and its remarkable ability to balance the drama of teenage life with a healthy dose of levity and moments of exquisite tenderness. "  –Kristen Tsetsi, The Age of the Child

fear of falling


"Goodman's novel is a page-turner, a can't-put-it down suspense and mystery novel with a wonderful flair for humor and insight." Cindy Zelman, What's in a Butch's Purse. 

sucker literary volume 1


"Excellent, emotional stories from the multifaceted world of teens. " - Kristina Wojtaszek, author of Opal.

sucker literary volume 2


"Sucker is well curated collection filling a needed space in the market of literary magazines. I'm impressed by the quality of work showcased and by Ms. Goodman's commitment to mentoring emerging authors." - Michaela Hansen, Amazon Reviewer

sucker literary volume 3


"How I wish I had this volume, or one like it, when I was a high school creative writing teacher. " -Elise Forier Edie, Amazon Reviewer