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Maddie, Me, and Mental Meltdowns

The main character in my newly published novel, Till It Stops Beating, Maddie Hickman age 17, has an anxiety disorder. I, Hannah Goodman age 43, have an anxiety disorder. In the book, it's Maddie's senior year of high school and just a few chapters in, she has a "mental meltdown" as she refers to it. In my senior year of high school, only two months into the school year, I, too, had a mental meltdown. Read the rest  here.

Ambition & Desperation

For most of my 14 years as a published author, I’ve run on a fuel made of equal parts ambition and desperation. My ambition was to become The Next Judy Blume and dominate the world of YA contemporary literature through my Maddie Series books.  Read the rest here.


Eleven months ago, in the midst of a cold snap that would freeze even Hell over because it was about -5 degrees here in Rhode Island, I was inking up a contract with my mess of a signature. With Hell freezing over I was signing my very first BOOK contract! Read more here.

if i publish, they will come

While emotional release and creative expression are the reasons why I write, I have spent almost two decades seeking validation for my writing through the act of publishing. 

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